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Bf3 update in Feb coming these are the changes

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:19 pm Post subject: No icon Bf3 update in Feb coming these are the changes Reply with quote

New patch notes of the upcoming patch of february.

General Gameplay Changes:
*Added two different video options to regulate the saturation/colours/palette: Cinematic and Default
*Added contrast slider for both colour settings
*Sun glint toned down by 25%
*Brand new deploy menu
*Reworked,more accurate minimap
*Doubled the spawn-points in almost all the maps so it's no longer possible to prevent the enemy from spawning
*Completely fixed the player/squad display and managment in the squad rush and deathmatch modes
*Removed the autokill function on the hill above the tunnel in Damavand Peak and replaced by a no-fight zone
*Toned up the volume for the ammo/heal/repair/ride requests
*Toned up the footstep's sound
*Fixed the jets spawn in Kharg Island
*Fixed the bug where a prone man could penetrate walls
*Fixed the firing-when-reloading animation bug
*Fixed minor bugs

Battelog Related Changes:
*The party can now support up to 12 people
*The voice channel is now optimized to fully support the new party size
*Fixed voice lag problems
*Fixed general party bugs (cannot join party)
*Added the key-binding function for the Battelog's Voice (you can now set a button to mute the microphone)

Vehicles Changes:
*Sabot rounds for the LAV-25/BMP-2M will now have the same rate of fire of the standard rounds
*Speed increased for the rounds of the LAV-25/BMP-2M cannon
*Added HEI-T rounds for the LAV-25/BMP-2M as a new unlock
*Bigger armoured vehicles will now crush smaller vehicles
*Bigger armoured vehicles won't be longer moved by jeeps and smaller vehicles
*Completely reworked the helicopter's physic
*LMGs will now do damage to scout choppers
*Completely reworked the speed/damage of the jets by raising the min/max speed and the damage too to compensate the fewer time to deal a succesfull ground attack
*Completely reworked the jet laser guided missile
*Added the CBU-100 Cluster Bomb as a new jet unlock
*Added the BLU-109 Bomb as a new jet unlock
*Added specific buttons to deploy the landing gear and activate the hovering mode in jets (PC only)
*Added 2 different visive alarms for laser and thermal tracking
*Slightly buffed the F-35 to match the power/agility of other jets
*Added the jeep horn as the community asked
*Fixed the slipping of high armoured vehicles on low slope hills
*Buffed the horsepower of high armoured vehicles to match reality
*slightly buffed the damage of the .50 cal machine guns versus infantry
*Jeeps won't be disabled anymore by heavy caliber fire if hit on the rear/side
*Added brand new unlocks for the light veichles category
*Added TOW launcher as a new unlock for light veichles
*Increased the speed of all light vehicles by 18%

Infantry Changes:
*Completely reworked all the weapon attachments
*All weapon attachments will now affect the weapon deploy time
*Changed the weapon deploy time for Pistols, PDW, SMG, Assault Rifles, LMG respectively -30%, -15%, -10%, +0%, +10%.
*Reduced the spread value by a factor of 25% to match better the real behaviour of the firearm
*Increased the recoil value by a factor of 25% to match better the real behaviour of the firearm
*All the deployed equipments will now have less armour and a larger hitbox
*Javelin will no longer be able to lock on air units
*IGLA/Stinger launchers will now be able to lock on laser lighted air targets, earning less lockon time and wider range
*Reduced the splash damage of the Javelin against infantry
*Rocket launchers will now have their own attachments
*Added different scopes for the rocket launchers
*Added HE round for SMAW/RPG: high damage to infantry/buildings, low damage to vehicles
*Added AP round for SMAW/RPG: low damage to infantry/buildings, high damage to vehicles
*Reduced the max number of rockets to 4, 2 without extra explosives
*Incresed reload time/deploy time of SMAW/RPG
*Now it's no longer possible to run with a deployed rocket launcher
*Buffed the damage of the 870MCS shutgun at close range
*Slightly buffed the damage of the Slug round
*Increased the time to laser paint veichles and air units with the SOFLAM in automatic mode
*Decreased slightly the effective area where a SOFLAM can laser paint in automatic mode
*Now heart and head shots with a bolt action sniper rifle are a kill at any range

General Mechanic Changes:
*To effectively laserpaint a target it is now required to aim until the rocket lands
*The time to laserpaint a target is reduced by 35%
*Laser painting a target now garants half the points earned by the destruction/kill
*Added a Taget Designator ribbon
*Pilots now receive 30% of the points earned by the gunner/s and 10 points for every consecutive kill
*Added a Pilot ribbon
*In addition to the Support Class, C4 is avaible for everyone if an all-kit weapon is selected
*Added the Laser Painter as an all-kit accesory

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